Parents reduce child hyperthermia risk in cars.

While the responsibility to ensure children are not left behind in vehicles rests solely with the parents or caregivers, there are factors that can increase the risk of momentary human forgetfulness that can lead to a child left in a car.  Click here to learn more about these factors.

SBT Safety Systems™ was founded to help bring an end to the modern-day problem of child and infant injuries or death when accidentally forgotten and left behind in cars.   Our three objectives to ensure we accomplish this goal are as follows:

  1. Distribute:  Get MyCue installed in the car of every parent or caregiver across the country through multiple distribution channels.
  2. Develop:  Call responsible parents and caregivers to commit to practicing a new, higher level of attentiveness to passenger safety, by committing to use MyCue – like professional pilots use a checklist – each and every time a child passenger is seated behind them.
  3. Declare:  Get MyCue Streamer users to tell other parents about it!
Purchase a MyCue Streamer for yourself or for those you love who drive with small children.
  • Warning: MyCue Streamer is not a toy and intended only as a tool to assist the user.  It cannot replace responsible adult supervision of children.  NEVER LEAVE A CHILD ALONE IN A VEHICLE.  User assumes all liability for use of this product and for care of child.  Keep small objects away from children.