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In 2012, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released the results of year-long study of several automated alarm systems designed to warn parents of a child left behind in a vehicle, and  unfortunately found them to be unreliable.  You can read more about the study at the following:

Our position at SBT Safety Systems has always been that non-tech solutions are best.  We believe that introducing yet another high-tech device in the driving environment is a bad idea because it adds another source of potential distraction, which could increase risk to both child and the parent caregiver.  Non-tech solutions also keep responsibility where it belongs: with the parent/caregiver!

Our MyCue® Streamer is a unique non-tech solution that is completely integrated with the driver and caregiver experience.  The parent removes the Streamer from the car seat and attaches the device to their key chain or smart key fob when the child is placed in the vehicle.  Once the destination has been reached, return the Streamer to the receiver on the car seat as the child is retrieved from the vehicle.

A commonly recommended driver reminder method that is less integrated and more passive is putting a teddy bear in the front passenger seat as a reminder whenever transporting a child.  This method is used successfully by many people.  However, should a parent become so distracted that they begin to step away from the vehicle with keys in hand in a moment of forgetfulness, the MyCue® Streamer is still with the parent and able to remind them the child is still in the vehicle.  On the contrary, the bear would be out of sight, still in the vehicle with the child, and no longer an effective reminder device.





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