Forgotten Infant hyperthermia death and injury and forgotten child hyperthermia death and injury in passenger vehicles is a very real “modern-day” risk to families everywhere.   Read, comment, – join the discussion.  Be a part of the solution of saving the lives of children.



Houston’s KTRK Produces Best Ever News Segment On Child Hyperthermia Death Prevention

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This is one of the best new segments we’ve seen on the subject of avoiding accidental child hyperthermia deaths in cars (and not because our product is mentioned in the story).  Take a few minutes to educate yourself about the danger and great ideas on how to prevent it.

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The Latest 2016 Statistics…

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While the number of child hyperthermia deaths from kids left in cars appears to be on the decline, even one of these incidents is too many. See the latest statistics at:    

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SBT at Kids In Motion Conference 2014

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We had the privilege of delivering SBT Safety Systems “America” presentation to nearly 230 child passenger safety professionals from across the country at the Kids In Motion Conference (KIM Conference) 2014, held in Albuquerque, NM the week of August 25th. The thought provoking message was very well received by the audience. Click the link below to watch the short but challenging 3 min 47 second...

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Who Forgets Children In Car?…Only Two Types Of People…

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Here at SBT we’ve discovered after extensive research that there are only two types of people who accidentally forget a child in a car: Men and Women. If you fall in to either one of these camps, you are vulnerable.  Read more about the problem at the link below.  Then visit our website to learn how you can prevent such a tragedy from happening to you. To learn more about the problem of child hyperthermia death in cars, visit:...

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Dead Wrong…

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…That is what you are if you think accidentally forgetting a child in a car is something that could never happen to you.  Read this Pulitzer Prize winning article from Gene Weingarten.  It is one of the best articles ever written on the parents who have made this horrific mistake.  It clearly reveals that forgetting a child is a risk we all face and must take measures to prevent: Think of it this way:   If you own a home, you know your house...

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25 Children Lost Year-To-Date August 2014

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According to the Jan Null, of San Francisco State University, year-to-date there have been 25 child hyperthermia deaths in cars. Not included in this statistic is the number of close calls that take place nationally. Learn more about the issue at: Also, read about publicized close calls at: SBT Safety System’s MyCue® Streamer can serve as a reminder to parents and child caregivers that they have a child passenger seated behind them.  See how the MyCue...

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Child Passenger Safety High-Tech Solutions Unreliable

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In 2012, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released the results of year-long study of several automated alarm systems designed to warn parents of a child left behind in a vehicle, and  unfortunately found them to be unreliable.  You can read more about the study at the following: Our position at SBT Safety Systems has always been that non-tech solutions are best.  We believe that...

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Child Forgotten In A Hot Car: How Could Someone Do This?!

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Have you ever asked or shouted this question? Read the Pulitzer Prize-winning article by Gene Weingarten on the subject published in 2009 in the Washington Post.   Every parent or anyone who cares for children – and anyone who has ever asked this question should read this story.  

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The Origin of the Pilot Checklist

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Just as our MyCue® Streamer driver awareness device has been born out of the continuing tragedies surrounding children being forgotten and left in hot cars, the use of a checklist in aviation (the inspiration for our product) was also born out of tragedy: the 1935 accident of the Boeing 299 – the prototype of what would become the B-17. Read the story of the origin of the pilot...

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