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…That is what you are if you think accidentally forgetting a child in a car is something that could never happen to you.  Read this Pulitzer Prize winning article from Gene Weingarten.  It is one of the best articles ever written on the parents who have made this horrific mistake.  It clearly reveals that forgetting a child is a risk we all face and must take measures to prevent:

Think of it this way:   If you own a home, you know your house will probably never burn to the ground, as the chances are so remote.  Yet you wouldn’t dream of not insuring it against the possibility, because as rare of an event as it is, it can still happen and the cost would be devastating.

Similarly, responsible parents probably won’t forget their child in a car but still need to insure themselves and their families against this risk, however remote it may be, because it can and does happen.  And when it happens the cost is astronomical; the child’s life cannot be replaced.

For about the cost of a large cheeze pizza, families can insuren themselves against this risk by using the MyCue™ Streamer each and every time a child is being transported in a vehicle.



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