Parents can reduce accidental child hyperthermia death or injury risk in cars with driver awareness devices that help prevent human forgetfulness which can lead to tragedy for a child forgotten in a car.   That’s why we developed MyCue®.

In the “On” or  “Alert” position – whenever a child is in the vehicle – the Streamer is removed from the car seat and attached to the MyCue receiver on the driver’s smart key or keychain.

Streamer w Keychain 2

MyCue attached to keychain in vehicles with with key ignition switch. (click to enlarge)

Streamer w Smart key 2

MyCue attaches to Smart Key in vehicles with push button start.











In the “Off” position – when no child is in the vehicle – MyCue Streamer remains attached to its receiver on the child passenger safety seat (example shown below).

Installed 7 w logo (3)

MyCue Streamer remains attached to car seat when child is not in the vehicle (click to enlarge).

MyCue Streamer Features:

  • Keeps the responsibility for the child with parents and caregivers
  • Allows drivers to apply a proven FAA safety method used by pilots whenever a child passenger seated in back
  • Uses no electronics or batteries which raise cost, can send misunderstood signals or fail
  • Ready for use immediately in all cars – new or used – with Push Button Start or Key Ignition Switch
  • Easy to install on any child car seat, easy to use
  • Expandable for use by multiple driver caregivers
  • Low cost – only about the cost of a large cheese pizza
  • Made in the USA

As a parent, you do a lot to ensure your child’s safety.   Buy a MyCue Streamer and add an extra layer of safety for your family by committing to use the device each and every car trip you carry a child car passenger seated behind you.

WARNING: MyCue Streamer is not a toy and intended only as a tool to assist the user.  It cannot replace responsible adult supervision of children.  NEVER LEAVE A CHILD ALONE IN A VEHICLE.  User assumes all liability for use of this product and for care of child.  Keep small objects away from children.