Reminding parents and drivers a child is seated behind them to help prevent forgotten child hyperthermia death and injury is what MyCue® is all about.

While nothing can replace responsible adult supervision of children, our MyCue Streamer can serve as a visual and touch-and-feel reminder to aid drivers when a child is seated behind them.

Trained professionals from all walks of life use reminder tools to recall critical steps in a process because momentary human forgetfullness at the wrong time can spell disaster.  With the use of MyCue, SBT Safety Systems is calls drivers everywhere (parents and caregivers from all walks of life) to take an additional safety step when transporting a child passenger in a vehicle.

The patented MyCue Streamer features:

  • Keeps the responsibility for the child with parents and caregivers
  • Allows drivers to apply a proven FAA safety method used by pilots whenever a child passenger seated in back
  • Uses no electronics or batteries which raise cost, can send misunderstood signals or fail
  • Ready for use immediately in all cars – new or used – with Push Button Start or Key Ignition Switch
  • Easy to install on any child car seat, easy to use
  • Expandable for use by multiple driver caregivers
  • Low cost – only about the cost of a large cheese pizza
  • Made in the USA

Buy a MyCue Streamer for yourself or someone you love and use your new MyCue whenever a child is seated behind you in a vehicle.

Warning: MyCue Streamer is not a toy and intended only as a tool to assist the user.  It cannot replace responsible adult supervision of children.  NEVER LEAVE A CHILD ALONE IN A VEHICLE.  User assumes all liability for use of this product and for care of child.  Keep small objects away from children.